If you have just bought a suitable air fryer, Seb or Phillips, you might want to try it right away with many different dishes but for fires only. Try these!

Carnival donuts

It’s a little late for a recipe but then I prepared these beautiful and delicious donuts this morning. We have tasted the taste for the Day (Shrove Tuesday oblige!) and I thought these were worth to share.

I divided the amount by two; I have prepared my Carnival donuts in two different ways: a party in frying oil, and another part in my fryer without oil Airfryer!

So you can compare the result with images both ways.


– 500 g flour

– 250 g of white cheese (0% fat for me)

– 100 g of butter

– 100 g sugar

– 2 eggs

– 1 tbsp vanilla sugar house

– 1 packet of baking powder


  •         Melt the butter (in the bowl of my magical partner for me)
  •         Add the eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar, and white cheese and mix.
  •         Finally, add the flour and baking powder and mix (1 minute / Bol closed / Function Petrin)
  •         Let the dough rests 1 hour.
  •         Spread and cut out the shapes of your choice.
  •         Cook the fritters in an oil bath or in your Airfryer (like me), sprinkle with icing sugar!) And enjoy!

So ? Carnival donuts fried? Or with Airfryer?

Personally, I have more and more trouble digesting fried food, so I honestly preferred the Carnival donuts with Airfryer.

I have tasted both cooking and I think everyone is benefiting! !

Potato pancakes

Ingredients: (for 3 large patties)

– 550 g of potatoes (3 large)

– 150 g onion (1 large)

– 1 teaspoon of salt

– Pepper

– 2 cloves garlic

– 1 tablespoon corn flour

– 1 tablespoon of oatmeal

– 1 small egg

Preparation: (5 min for baking wafers and 45 minutes for cooking)

Grate the potatoes and onions and mix with the other ingredients and put all the ingredients in the bowl of your Thermomix and blend 15 seconds / 5 speeds.

Drain the mixture into a colander or basket of thermomixer. Airfryer Preheat to 200 ° C.

Oil a baking pie 15 cm in diameter and place 2-3 tablespoons of the drained preparation and also brush the cake with 1/2 tablespoon of oil.

Place the pie plate in the basket of Airfryer and set 15 minutes at 200 ° C.

Taste is ready and nothing to do with the potato pancakes all fat that we know!!

Wonders (merveilles)

I come back early this week with airfryer recipes. I took the same recipe as the donuts prepared here, only the cooking mode changes. The result is of course not the same as cooking in an oil bath, but you must know what you want!! This is quite new recipes even you have bought the best air fryer.

– 50 g of butter

– 4 eggs

– 4 tablespoons sugar

– 1 teaspoon of salt

– 500 g flour

– 1 packet of baking powder

– Icing sugar

Preparation: dough: 5 min rest time: 1-hour Cooking: 30 min

Put the flour on the work surface.

Make a well in the center and add the eggs, sugar, yeast and melted butter (+ possibly a flavor to taste, vanilla, cinnamon, orange blossom …).

Work until a fairly stiff dough. Add a little milk if too thick; it should have the consistency of a pastry. Form a ball, cover and let stand 1 hour in the refrigerator.

On floured surface, roll the dough to a thickness of 2 mm and cut diamonds of 2 cm x 5 cm with roulette. You can also form small balls and put some chocolate or jam inside for the gourmand.

Airfryer Preheat to 170 ° C.

Set 5 minutes. Possibly shake the basket 1 minute before the end of cooking to verify that the donuts are cooked evenly.


Are you fed up you get a Christmas present every year that you did not want anyway? If so, maybe you have something with the following tips.

You got last Christmas a food processor and a toaster year before your husband a gift and did you prefer something else under the tree found? Then you can of course just your husband say it was meant to love, but this time, you would prefer a different kind of Christmas present. But if that’s not your style, you can also try to get the gift of your choice via the following four ways.

Between casually

leave during conversations that go both if not the holidays, in a careless manner shine through what you’d like to find under the Christmas tree this year.


If you go shopping together, then just try to lead him through the one window in which the Christmas gift that you want is located. Stop for a moment and gesture to them how beautiful you find the product.


Do you have any hints dropped by your man, make sure that someone else does? For example, you can tell your mother or girlfriend that you’d like to have this Christmas and let their channeling to your partner.


The most direct way to get the right Christmas gift by making a wish. Address your letter to your dear Santa and make sure you leave it in a place where your husband needs to find it.

Can your husband good catch hint for a Christmas gift, but you still have no idea what you have to ask this year? See the 10 Christmas gifts for women. Because who knows, maybe there is, however, the perfect gift between.

10 Christmas gifts for women

In about two weeks, it’s already Christmas. Therefore, now is the perfect time to unveil ten lovely Christmas gifts for women.

What to get my wife for christmas 2016?” Your husband gave you with a Christmas gift that you did not every year? Make sure it below 10 Christmas gifts for women will face. Because succeeds him up with the following ideas or to find the perfect Christmas gift for you.

But also applies to men: Do not you know what you need with Christmas gift giving the special woman in your life this year? With one of the Christmas gifts is always good.

Beauty Product

Women love to be pampered and therefore beauty products a perfect Christmas gift. For the holidays are familiar brands with a limited edition perfume, new makeup item or a single body product.


Small leather accessories may not be too big in stature, but no less special. For example, choose a cute purse, a chic make-up pouch or an exclusive keychain.


Many women find a good book pure indulgence. This gift also promises a few hours of fun during the cold winter days.


Accessories make a cute outfit perfect. Therefore, may be missing a good bag in any wardrobe. Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton bags are a dream for most women. If this is too much of a good thing, you can choose a beautiful leather copy of a less exclusive brand.


Women like it to have photos of a beautiful memory. A camera is a useful Christmas gift that they can capture all the precious moments.


Marilyn Monroe once sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and these words today are still as real as ever. Many women now hold once glittering stones. But also a jewelry without diamonds is always right under the tree.

Interior accessory

For many women, a charming and cozy home is important. Therefore fall beautiful accessory for the interior also often good taste. Think of candles, candle holders, picture frames, a bowl or a glass carafe.


A scarf is one of the most worn accessories and always comes in handy during the winter months. So you can choose a beautiful warm cashmere scarf or a pretty silk shawl.

Beauty Treatment

After all holidays many women can have some time for themselves to use. A beauty treatment is also a good choice to come, after all, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, to rest.

Weekend trip

Do you want this Christmas will be unforgettable? Think of a romantic weekend in Venice, shopping in Paris or walking on the Ramblas in Barcelona. Try to figure out what your wife likes romantic weekend and give her this gift.